Wednesday, August 3, 2005|07:50 p.m.

ok. we tried out wakeboarding today! :) i'm goofy. it was quite fun; but we were shivering away in the powerboat. and it's really tiring. the driver just kept going and going, and it was like doing one leg phantom chair + arm locks. WAH. i learnt how to go from side to side :>

so.. next is probably more sailing (FRIDAY FRIDAY for sure), and windsurfing lvl 1s (don't know when) & learning how to surf (YESYES. in bali, sometime soon i hope).

you guys really missed out! i bet you'd have been all techie and tried out a lot of stuff if you had gone wakeboarding with us.

mz took pictures! i will steal from her soon.

OH yesterday there was orientation. they tried to make us play orientation games again, but shakah was really damn siandiao already. & we had 2 lunches cos canteen food is damn cheap, and somehow we were super hungry. then after that, i met yixin & mz and we headed to town to meet kang (who is damn girlified! :)) and eat dinner at crystal jade. it was a nice dinner.

Monday, August 1, 2005|09:59 p.m.


hehe. went swimming at mz's house today. her condo is damn showflat. we bought kai-lyn royaltine cake :) and i went potato chip crazy.

and i managed to bump my head on the floor of a very shallow pool, after ignoring the "NO DIVING" signs. more like BANG!

now i've got a bump on my head; and hopefully nothing wrong inside. of course, besides the fact that i wasn't supposed to dive into the pool, there's also the fact that i can't dive for nuts. zzz. ok. for a picture, check out mz's blog.

actually today i wanted to go sailing. i'd changed into sailing gear, and packed my stuff the night before. then i checked the nsrcc site, and whaddya know. CLOSED ON MONDAYS. GGed again.

Sunday, July 31, 2005|09:36 p.m.

i feel damn GGed. fuck lah.

anyway yesterday was great! we ended up not bbqing a thing. and the rice turned out delish too; but didn't take any pictures. i have to find a way to keep the pistachios from becoming anticrunchy. and there was mz's salad (YUM) and roast chicken from cold storage (YUM too) and durian puffs.. and APPLE STRUDEL. hahah.

and sin city? disturbing. but i'm already desensitized to all this, so it was quite funny... though i was a bit lost. as usual. zzz. the nancy-hartigan thing is gross though.

tennis-ed today. w00t. i need ages to warm up. what with mr teng over on the other side saying things like EYE ON THE BALL, etc etc. by the time the ball is within hitting distance, my hand and brain don't really connect; it's the reflex action at work.

phuket is catching up to me. i'm peeling on the left shoulder! just applied nivea intensive moisturising milk, maybe i'll be able to salvage smth.

Friday, July 29, 2005|09:37 p.m.


i know how it is for hope to dwindle away. sucks huh, when it just seems be slipping further and further from your grasp.

anyway, making fruit & nuf pilaf for tmr. hope it turns out ok. i'm excited; high points of the week! plus sin city. :)

as to letting new people find out about this blog, i dunno lah. it's not so good for them to find out how exactly i feel. i don't really spell it out, but it's plain to see. settling down is really going to take a fair bit of time. feels like vj all over again. (i mean it in a comparative sense)

see la. my dad decided that the nus loan was OMG INTEREST FREE, MUST APPLY. so i applied. but loans are annoying, must go through school, must make appointment, then must process, then they'll call, then finally you'll get your laptop. i mean, i'm perfectly happy cos either way i get my laptop, sooner or later. SO LONG AH, dad says. SO TROUBLESOME. yes dad, it's an interest-free loan, what do you think. NOW CAN CASH & CARRY OR NOT? WHY YOU NEVER ASK THEM TMR CAN GO DOWN OR NOT??? zzzzzzzzzz. i'm the one with the troubles man.

soz. should i put the flower picture up? :D sggirlss... kois. silly pictures make me happy.

Thursday, July 28, 2005|12:20 a.m.

i remember spike milligan. remember this?

On the Ning Nang Nong

On the Ning Nang Nong
Where the Cows go Bong!
And the Monkeys all say Boo!
Theres a Nang Nong Ning
Where the trees go Ping!
And the tea pots Jibber Jabber Joo
On the Nong Ning Nang
All the Mice go Clang!
And you just cant catch em when they do!
So its Ning Nang Nong!
Cows go Bong!
Nong Nang Ning!
Trees go Ping!
Nong Ning Nang!
The mice go Clang!

What a noisy place to belong,Is the Ning Nang Ning Nang Nong!
pilfered from... here

Wednesday, July 27, 2005|05:57 p.m.

frick. i looked through the photos again. all the silly shots!!!!! wah. :( i'm so sad now. they make me super happy when i see them. but i feel damn sad after it's over. zzzzz.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005|05:00 p.m.

triumph of the titans

driven to distraction, waiting on your call. i'm getting trigger happy, but it doesn't help at all. no, and i can't even think, with you still in my head. no, and i cannot do anything, i want you in my head.

envy, envy, envy.

i'm feeling lost. and confused. and envious. i'm at a crossroad & i feel like turning back already. neither here nor there this is.

bought dante's club & FINALLY got battle royale yeah! but i still have a lot of books to read. i love new books! :) i was looking for the nigel slater book i saw in borders, but kino didn't seem to have it. ah well. i wonder if video ezy has battle royale; it seems rather graphic.

rushed down to nus again today. it's getting to become a habit - being late. it's just so fucking far away. gotta go down tmr again, for more laptop business. shiv.

on a happier note, i have math tuition tomorrow. i'm so happy. MATHMATH. & i'm totally looking forward to windsurfing. someday soon.

Monday, July 25, 2005|11:03 p.m.


i'm sorry... i'm in such a foul mood. i'm in a megaenormous rut. perhaps it's the fact that school is starting.. perhaps it's phuket withdrawal symptoms. perhaps i just never want the moment to end... jc.. and such.

ok ok no excuses. sigh. there's considerable inertia & i feel damn off now.. i don't feel like talking to most people. i have to force myself to continue conversations & pretend like i'm not just giving one-word answers, lest they suspect something. doubt i'll go into this with anyone. actually what's the point in sitting here, hoping the people i want to talk to me actually do so? talking rubbish again rubbish rubbish rubbish..... zzzzzzzzz.

i need a timeout. or a lot of tv, some good books, great music & a massage.

Monday, July 25, 2005|04:14 p.m.


the release date for feast for crows has been pushed back to 8 Nov 2005... knew it was gonna happen, cos a while back people on forums were saying he wasn't done with the book yet. SIGH. i was planning to chiong down to kino tmr to check it out.

btw. all american rejects have a new album! it's called move along. i haven't heard any tracks yet, my ares lite has connection problems. :) i love cds.

Monday, July 25, 2005|03:02 p.m.

i like certainties. to throw all that away would be extremely stupid.

Sunday, July 24, 2005|10:46 p.m.

7 pictures.... :) up on blogspot. i'm missing phuket already.

busy week coming up...... and i need to do laundry and cook lots of dinners.

Sunday, July 24, 2005|12:39 p.m.

phuket05 :) our holiday

i'm back!!! and my back aches like gays. which doesn't rhyme :(

thanks for the fab holiday you guys :) even if we were on a tight budget & didn't get to do the islands... this proves once again that it's the company that counts. i have 106mb worth of pictures, and finished the cds last night, so i'll pass them out once school starts.

but i don't have the rest of the pictures, esp the group pictures :D

HIGHHHHHlights were:

1. learning how to windsurf
2. hobie cat!
3. cute little boys
4. playing bluff & watching 2, 4, 7, J repeat over and over again with mz & enming constantly trying to open each others cards - so hilarious! but we took forever to end
5. playing bridge into the wee hours of the night whilst enming was merely "resting" his head on the couch
6. adidas :b
7. the food was good
8. our night swim
9. silly quirks & strange habits... incl mz honking
10. the friends - coy kailyn, antishellfish mzmzmzmzmz, nfqchris & pineapplestabber enming! thanks a lot, we couldn't have pulled it off otherwise. (no offence intended) love you guys :)

that said... i'll probably put a couple of pictures up on my blogspot blog (antisggirls)! :b anyway, gtg... my ride is here.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005|09:08 p.m.

stupid things to do

wow. my math is still quite good. first tuition session today :) it's going better than i expected.

and i made sour cream chocolate chip cake. it's a little bit soggy. but very tasty. please steal from my fridge.

pretty much packed everything for phuket :) we're leaving tmr on an 8.50am flight, and returning on saturday night at around 11+pm.

anyway, DO NOT DO THIS: IT IS EXTREMELY STUPID. i was wrapping books in plastic today, and was trying to stick cello onto the book. but the cello had gotten twisted, so i used my lip to pull it apart. and guess what..... my upper lip started bleeding lots and lots. couldn't eat the salty fish at dinner.

someone should start a "i did something stupid today" blog. :D

Tuesday, July 19, 2005|09:36 a.m.

damn tired! but there's so much stuff to be accomplished today. & there's always the soup to get out of the way. finished potter (don't really like how everyone has to grow up so fast :(, i kind of wish the books would span 1 mth at a time hahaha) at about 2. shiv, been getting sleep like this for so long.

i want go back to the days where my routine was undisturbed and i got as much sleep as i wanted.

to sour cream chocolate chip cake! :)

Monday, July 18, 2005|09:10 p.m.

OMG! QC meets little gamers! l33t :D

rushrushrushing to get stuff done now. so many forms to fill in. bah.

gym today was good but didn't do much on the machines, mostly on the ball & mat. then it rained out & i decided to run on the treadmill till the rain stopped but the stitch kept bugging me! in the end i bathed, and read potter by the entrance. it feels so good to be back at the gym, but i've been relaxing too much, i can't run without getting a stitch anymore & i'm lucky if i get to go once a week. bleh.

tried to shop, but today wasn't a shopping day. so. good for me, i suppose.

tmr's packed! i need to finish off the sour cream & buttermilk so there's a cake or something planned in the morning. ie wake up at 8am PLZ. then got the lunch meeting & after that, i've got my first tuition session haha.

discovered yesterday that my math, despite being fishy in answers, is still good when it comes to the method & not being careless - went through the brother's amath test with him 30/60 btw wahhh. so careless man. i'm not great with emath at all though. but, integration here i come!

back to potter before dh & las vegas. josh duhamel's character is so dark in this season (at least the premiere); don't really like it. i prefer him in the previous season where he was such a goof! now he's got this "been there, seen everything" aura around him. nehs. fergie, save him!

Sunday, July 17, 2005|10:05 p.m.


sad to say, but it's rather primal. watching other people have an arguement lead me to become slightly agitated after the mother kbed about me & brother using the comp.

her gripe is that after he uses it, i use it.. and there's seemingly no end. but the cause of this is due to there being only one computer with online access rather than effect. because there's only one computer, we naturally try to get in all the time we have. duh. but she sees it in the opposite fashion, that it's neverending, AND that if we had two computers, it would be twice as bad. whereas i'd rather have the choice to use it whenever i want, and then not exercise that option.

it moved on very quickly to how my room is untidy etc. it's my room & according to me, it's pretty organized and how i'd like it to be. but according to her, it's untidy and not fit for humans to live in. fastidious. her main argument is the usual "my house, my rules" that most parents come to rely on. actually, i think my dad doesn't have a problem with my room.

it always comes down to everyone having totally different povs. and refusing to budge or compromise. then, as i earlier observed, it'll build up, and someone will say something that is potentially damaging or hurtful. and people will forgive, but not forget.

Saturday, July 16, 2005|05:25 p.m.

presenting... friday's irish soda bread, and this week's battlescars!

i need help with getting the bakingsoda/powder to not clump in the batter.

so... after so long away from civilization, i felt the urge to go shopping. hah hahahaaaaahaa. wandered around far east, but i can never ever find stuff there. got a pair of denim shorts & a nike shirt mmphf. happy. and chippy's cheese sausage with caramelized onions and mashed potatoes was delicious!

and i bought the princess bride from sunny's. but first... i have to get past the half-blood prince & the rule of four. i'm glad i'm over stiff (it was really really really interesting!)

Friday, July 15, 2005|09:49 a.m.


just got back from camp. i've never been in an enthusiastic og, until now.... so i decided to play along. and strangely, despite dreading all the cheering (esp in other non-english languages) & the usual camp stuff, i found our group winning a lot of the games. probably one of the best camps i've been too, even if there were a lot of childish games involved (i guess we should just pretend to be young at heart or whatever).

EVEN the phototaking wasn't a pain in the ass, like it usually is, except for the last day lah. cos we'd stayed up playing card games & telling ghost stories & creeping each other out.

and i got grazes! thanks to wargames. it was pretty silly cos neither side was winning, so all the rules were abandoned then it started getting primitive. the other side got aggressive, so hahah HECK. i decided i can be more aggressive and more violent than them. it's not childish - it's just that we're never supposed to be violent in day-to-day life so... that was the highest level i suppose. unless someone will let themselves be my punching bag :D


need to start baking & gymming again! my right calf is feeling the pain from tiptoeing for 5 min. zzz. and and and PHUKET! guys we need to start planning. or actually, we could just grab a map when we get there and go free & easy... which is better.

wonder if i can drive there..... better not lah ok.

Sunday, July 10, 2005|09:23 p.m.


yesterday, i was thrust into the deep end of the pool. not literally - i just spent the better part of yesterday driving. to be exact, i drove to thompson plaza for groceries; drove my dad to the kranji golf club & fetched jianxi from his house... and later at night, fetched dad home from the club. and i drove to dinner tonight too.

my vertical parking is terrible. and i don't even want to attempt parallel parking. AND i still forget what to do when i get in & out of the car.

i am looking forward to phuket! water sports, hopefully cheap, no tsunamis & tons of sun. although by the weather reports i'm afraid we might end up being masters of bridge/poker by the end of the trip.

pharmacy camp tmr. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. i should be looking forward to it but i want to go to the gym instead. gym camp. sounds way cooler! i wouldn't mind even if they made me run 5km a day. and i want to settle the phuket stuff. sigh. ok open mind.. i shall attempt to have fun

Thursday, July 7, 2005|09:26 p.m.

which parenting strategy is better?

the sort that says "because i say so?" which my mom routinely practises (but she throws in a bit of logic so she doesn't seem such a dictator). this is the way to rule with an iron fist, even if there is seemingly no logic to it & she can't argue her way out of it. also, she hates when i get animated and speak loudly - she claims i'm frustrated and shouting at her. and she's a neat freak; she's always nagging about messy rooms, and little bits of furniture out of place. there's no clear reason why things need to be in particular places, but it's mainly JUST BECAUSE SHE LIKES IT.

the other sort is to argue using logic and reason. but this is highly dangerous because you might lose, and your kids might keep winning & screwing you over with their mighty logic or sneaky loopholes.

zzzzz. i have a sunburnt face!

Wednesday, July 6, 2005|08:01 p.m.

i didn't get the moscow & madrid video... & i happened to like the london one the most! the paris video seemed to be on fast-foward mode or something

Wednesday, July 6, 2005|07:10 p.m.

on food

i feel like everyone wants something from me. granted, i owe it to my mom to do stuff around here because she has to work - but she likes to call 5 times in as many minutes with stuff for me to do. at the same time, everyone else hits me with stuff to do. so BAH.


today i made corn muffins & raisin muffins. i figure i'm going down to nsc tomorrow, so i need nutritious food to bring along (and not crumbly cake/bars either). seems like i'm always making muffins every week; i can't be bothered to take pictures of them over and over again. that's mainly because muffins are like a staple food - i need them for breakfast or for a quick snack if i'm on the go.

i'm not really a foodie at all. what i bake, is based on what i'm craving at the moment, and also on whatever i've grabbed at the supermarket (ie all the sourcream and buttermilk and creamcheese that's going to expire). therefore, i also have to consider when my ingredients, especially the dairy ones are going to expire. i had mould growing on my half pack leftover creamcheese last week. so this week, i quickly used up my remainder to make frosting. my cheddar cheese has mould on it too.

i'm further limited by the fact that i own a microwave oven, which has pathetic space - only one level, plus the roundtable means reduced area. if i plan to bake MONDO chocolate chip cookies, i can only do 2 at a go, or 3 if i don't mind non-round cookies.

i also find myself throwing out a lot of stuff i've baked, because i don't have hungry children/people in my family, AND my dad is allergic to eggs. why i don't scale down? because baking powder/soda can't simply be halved or quartered. and i hate using half an egg and leaving the rest to rot. even though i have to do it when i'm baking with small-batch baking recipes.

with regards to other food, i'm not very adventurous... certain types of food needs to grow on me, other types i'll never like. also, buffets are a waste of money for me - other people have to eat my share in order to recoup their losses. and and, if you live to eat, i'm the sort who'll eat to live. i guess i'm not a very hungry person either! just gimme my fish & vegetables & rice and i'm happy. i'd settle for homecooked food over expensive and possibly mediocre food.

Tuesday, July 5, 2005|04:29 p.m.

on driving

i checked for the next available test date - 9th sept! ARGH. so far away.

but after the last few revision lessons, where i did all the kerb mounting & striking i needed to do (didn't really mount/strike during my prac lessons before revision), and the warmup, where i struck the kerb coming out from directional change, and again where i came in too early and struck the kerb, and when i turned too early/late in the crank course... after all that... it's over!

there were no major errors, just the usual fail to check blindspot (even though i thought i did), insufficient acceleration (???), and fail to confirm safety & smth else = 12 points. everytime the tester looked at me, i wasn't sure if that was like cheeko look or like HAH I SAW YOU SCREW UP look or encouraging me or what. the taxi man who fetched me there was really nice & told me i'd pass hurhur.

p.s. i look forward to driving to nsc.

now.. if only i could get my hands on a car!

Monday, July 4, 2005|09:35 a.m.

ARAC aka apricot-raspberry almond crescents

WOW. psyche up! :) heh. i hope it works out, and fast...

here is my friday effort - apricot-raspberry almond crescents. it was messy. but they seem to have turned out ok (in taste). next time, i'll make them thinner so they'll be more crispy (is there such a word as crispier?).

OH! the federer-roddick match just shows how perfect the federer express is. hehehe. "i bet he's starting to engrave now... R-O-G..." -- this was at 5-3 in the third set.

anyway, i was dragged for a "jog" yesterday. this so-called jog turned out to be a run, because my pacer was jianxi :( his jog, my run... henceforth, i shall run more during my gym days! and faster too. otherwise i'll be panting like yesterday. zzz.

Friday, July 1, 2005|11:43 p.m.

k, i just read reviews for a couple of books i want/have on amazon.com, esp blink & freakonomics. i guess everyone has their detractors (the ppl who think the classics are the only perfect pieces of work ie; eg, weird communist peasant at kino incident).

how'm i supposed to read a book objectively like this? it's just not possible.

meanwhile, i was attempting to make cookies. i had prepped all the ingredients & was about to mix the creamcheese into the butter.. and then i realized that the creamcheese weighed 50 g less than what i needed, and on top of that, it was MOULDY.

Friday, July 1, 2005|10:36 a.m.

agh i just lost interest in the womens' finals. the only reason i'd watch would be to see davenport win (but i think everyone's betting on venus now), and she still has to beat mauresmo... come on, one set!

Thursday, June 30, 2005|09:16 p.m.

ladies' semis today! but there's lost, oc & one tree hill. wish i had 2 sets of eyes.

"federer is betterer"... you'll know who said that if you watch starsports :b it was so lame!

oh yeah, cornbread muffins!

bought another 4 books today, nearly bought tipping point, but another time maybe. and i didn't buy any cookbooks today! happy with what i have at the moment. i've got a lot to read, and i need some motivation :P and a shirt at zara, which i kind of regret, cos there's this mother big hole in the back near the sleeves; and i took from the bottom of the stack too! gah! i need thread to sew it up

Thursday, June 30, 2005|09:40 a.m.

well... i recognized people at the pharmacy thing, but not a whole lot (tracy, shulin, jane, muifong & there were a couple of rj ppl, but again, not a whole lot). and of course there's mq, but she didn't go for the talk.

so i signed up for the camp; btw, we saw the excel spreadsheet contact list, & for the 30 names we could see, there was a total of like 3 guys (one of them was hiding under gender F), which is totally pathetic. i somehow feel i function better in a genderly balanced environment.

anyway, just to remind myself what's in the fridge:

1. dried cranberries
2. raisins
3. margarine
4. NO eggs
5. NO apples
6. ghiradelli's semi sweet chocolate chips
7. baker's chocolate
8. - appled baked shaved ham
9. buttermilk
10. - butterhead lettuce
11. - half block cheddar
12. almonds (not in the fridge)
13. kinder bueno chocolate :b

think that's about it. MRM. i gtg boil the soup & shivvy to the gym

Tuesday, June 28, 2005|01:35 p.m.

DUH! julie cooper = lady heather! (dumbdumb) did you know the age difference b/w melinda clarke and benjamin mckenzie is 6 years? (age difference 1978 b/w mischa barton & benjamin mckenzie is 8) eeps.

Monday, June 27, 2005|05:39 p.m.

i've got a trojan horse IRC something sdbot 187.something. ARGH. meanwhile bullguard is doing a scan for me, and at 13% scanned, i've got 2 viruses already.

there's something plainly wrong because: i accidentally logged on to dad's id, quickly switched back to my id, then the system couldn't find my settings & wham! i've got the original windows xp settings + no documents.


turns out, they're sitting in c drive in documents & settings. just that there's clisaliew & clisaliew.overdrive comput or smth, and the second one is the one that's loaded on my user id.

wish i was a techie now.

Saturday, June 25, 2005|09:29 p.m.

lost & ... FOUND!

i found my mp3 player :) i thought i'd left it in the gym (really irresponsibly), but it was actually in my sailing bag. i'd have noticed... if i'd gone sailing. zzz. only noticed yesterday, after my new wardrobe came in, and i had to repack the thing!

and, after dinner last night, i bought stuff at the supermarket, and proceeded to make 6 cornbread muffins (1 left presently), 6 chocolate chip muffins & 6 raisin muffins (don't know how many left)! yeah. i seem to be making tons of muffins! but that's cos it's essential to have something to eat for breakfast.

i ate 1 cornbread muffin yesterday while waiting for the rest of the muffins to come out, it's really corn-y, and dense & cakelike. yum! but some people won't like it. and i ate another one this morning, along with fried bacon. the cornbread muffins are supposed to go with salad, chilli, soup or as a sidedish to any main meal.

anyway, the beach thing turned out to be a rather sad affair. headed out after breakfast (thinking our plans were still on), with all my beach stuff... at macritchie, i received a call from yixin, telling me they wanted to go american club. so ok.... took bus home. by then it was really dark & going to storm. so we didn't go beach after all... (when we SHOULD'VE! because after an enormous storm, there's always loads of sunshine; it was blazing hot at like 4.30)

OH OH. i went mango sale again, and bought white 3-quarts. but that wasn't the highlight of the day! i bought 4 books from kino - freakonomics, blink, the beginner's cookbook & great bakes, no eggs. and i still have quicksilver to read. MEH. i should quit coming online so much.

hoping to sail next sat... with or without company

Friday, June 24, 2005|05:43 p.m.

fever dream

ripped the old template's code, and put in the new one. i need a better picture!

sweating lots. it's so darn hot. i've got a spanking new wardrobe... not clothes! i mean literally. it's very wooden and tall, and makes my bed look really low, when it's actually damn high. maybe i should get a high bed, with a table underneath! (don't waste space:)

i really WANT to bake; and i was planning to go down to town to poke around kino. been wanting to do that the whole week, but i haven't found the time yet. i'm going to buy 3043934738 books before 30th june! but. i haven't even put everything (i removed to make space for the wardrobe) back yet. zzz.

anyway, psyched up about beach tomorrow. i hope the sun is good, and people actually GO. meh.